The Head of the Department at TIUE successfully defends PhD dissertation

Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) is proud to announce that the Head of the Department of Education and Training Management of TIUE Rauf Bekbayev has successfully defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Scientific Council of the National University of Uzbekistan.

The dissertation titled “René Guénon and His Place in the Synthesis of Traditionalism and Intercultural Dialogue (a Comparative Analysis)” represents a significant contribution to the field of philosophy and the history of philosophy. The work is conducted in the specialty 09.00.03 – History of Philosophy and is dedicated to the theoretical and methodological aspects of philosophical comparativism, intercultural philosophy, and traditionalism philosophy.

This dissertation holds academic importance and is of interest to a wide range of researchers and scholars in the field of social and humanitarian sciences, including political science, cultural studies, and pedagogy. Rauf Bekbayev’s work contributes to a deeper understanding of the essence of philosophical concepts and their influence on international education and cultural dialogue.

The team of Tashkent International University of Education congratulates Rauf Bekbayev on this significant achievement and expresses confidence in his future success in the field of academic research.