About Our University

Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) was founded in 2020 in Tashkent City. The university marked its establishment as among the initial private international universities with a distinct emphasis on cultivating adept professionals in information technology, business management, and education. TIUE collaborates with esteemed universities ranked among the top 600 globally, fostering valuable partnerships in higher education.

Education Programs

TIUE offers various educational programs in English, Uzbek and Russian languages to young people.


TIUE established cooperation with several Top-600 universities of the world.                                                                         

Strong faculty team

TIUE recruits experienced and knowledgeable professors and lecturers to provide high quality services to students. 

University Life

Student life is about more than just studying. Engage in various events and extra-curricular activities.                                                 

Video Tour in TIUE

Take a tour in Tashkent International University of Education. The video will take you to every places in our campus.

High-quality programs
Strong Faculty
Modern Campus

Why choose TIUE??

If you seek a university renowned for its exceptional education, diverse program offerings, and robust student support services, then Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) stands as an outstanding option. Below are compelling reasons to consider TIUE:

Academic Excellence: TIUE is synonymous with quality education and boasts an esteemed academic reputation. Our faculty comprises experienced and highly qualified specialists dedicated to imparting cutting-edge knowledge and skills essential for future career success.


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Programme Excellence

TIUE delivers a wide array of top-tier educational programmes tailored to meet contemporary demands and student needs.

TIUE offers undergraduate courses across various fields such as information technology, business management, and educational management. These programmes are meticulously crafted to align with current industry trends and labor market requisites, ensuring students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful future career.


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Modern Campus

TIUE takes pride in its modern campus, providing students with a comfortable and innovative learning environment.

Facilities: The campus boasts modern teaching facilities, laboratories, and classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, fostering an ideal setting for both training and research activities.


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