Undergraduate Programme



The objective of the “Business Management” programme is the graduation of students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of business management. They will have a fundamental base for a professional career in companies and organizations operating both nationally and internationally.

The content of the Bachelor’s degree in “Business Management” includes modules that develop knowledge and skills in accounting, business analytics, communication, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, law, leadership, marketing, operations management, people management, strategy and sustainable business practices.  This content is relevant and applicable within the country and on the world stage.

Languages of instruction: English / Uzbek / Russian

Modes of study: Full-time classes: Monday through Saturday
during the day


Dr. David Thompson,
Leading Professor of
the Department of Business Management,

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree –
Cornell University, USA, 1987



One of the essential skills which you will learn by studying business management program is Leadership. In the highly competitive business world, strong leaders are always in demand. Motivating staff to assist in business processes or direct them for achieving organizational goals is important key for success. A great portfolio of business-related skills may be only obtained by TIUE’s Business Management Bachelor’s degree. Through learning leadership qualities, you will be able to communicate effectively, think critical and analyze variety of business problems, namely, global and financial issues regarding to modern business environment.


Leadership qualities are closely related to communication skills. If you are a good leader, you are also an effective communicator. The communication skills you will gain from this degree include being assertive, considering different perspectives, and using positive language. Additionally, you will know how to communicate when introducing a product or negotiating. You will also be able to communicate effectively with your team and employees within your organization.


Upon completing a bachelor’s degree, graduates will receive appropriate professional training, and a dual degree (offered in English only) will give them a competitive edge in their future careers and enable them to continue their studies in any country in the world.

Diploma issued to graduates of licensed non-public higher education institutions in accordance with Article 31 of the “Law on Education” of the Republic of Uzbekistan (https://lex.uz/ru/docs/5013009, https://tiue.uz/ru, https://stat.edu.uz/Univer-list.php paragraph 8)is recognized on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan as equivalent to a diploma of a national higher educational institution.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a TIUE bachelor’s degree in the field of “Business Management” and an OTHM level diploma (available in English only).


Variety of career opportunities will be provided in this program.

A bachelor’s degree in this field provides great flexibility for entry into areas such as the fundamentals of business administration, including finance, human resources,

sustainable business practices, marketing, sales and customer relations, accounting, management, business research projects and more. You can also start teaching Business Administration modules. 

All of these opportunities, plus leveraging your networking skills and other certifications and courses, can lead to further career growth. Here are some examples of what professional jobs you can get:

  • Entrepreneur;
  • marketing personnel;
  • Experts in project development and management;
  • Business Analyst;
  • International trade and e-commerce experts;
  • Human resources specialist;
  • Instructor in Business Administration.


OTHM is a British organization that awards educational qualifications and is regulated by Ofqual (the Office for Qualifications and Examinations Management). OTHM has a network of centers and universities around the world offering UK qualifications in a variety of fields.

TIUE has a formal agreement with OTHM to provide education enhanced by globally recognized British qualifications. In special undergraduate courses TIUE gives you the opportunity to receive a British standard education and prepare you for successful completion of the OTHM Diploma at each level. 

For information about OTHM visit https://othm.org.uk/

For information on available OTHM qualifications please visit this link https://othm.org.uk/qualification

  • By studying this course you will gain:
  • OTHM diploma for each year of the programme, gives you more mobility to continue your studies at the different universities around the world
  • You’ll have excellent opportunities to study for a Masters or MBA at a number of top universities in the UK and abroad;
  • Academic programs and curriculum provided by OTHM;
  • Examinations and training processes are monitored by OTHM.

The language of instruction is English, the diploma of higher education is issued by OTHM (UK) and TIUE.


All TIUE lecturers are passionate about their subjects and want to pass this enthusiasm on to their students. For our professors and instructors, there is nothing more exciting than teaching students who are ready to explore the unknown with them.

Passionate and dedicated teachers are ready to provide curious students with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need for the future. Our faculty members are real experts and practitioners in academic area and they work hard not only to teach students the skills they need for their first job, but to prepare them for any path, any future, and any challenge.

The structure of the qualification consists of 26 compulsory modules totaling 480 credits towards the qualification.
Duration of training for full-time education 3 academic years (from October to June). Training is conducted during the daytime in the form of lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical classes, master classes and industrial practice.
Upon graduation, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management is awarded by Tashkent International University of Education.  Students studying in English also receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the United Kingdom.


Year 1

Modules at this stage aims to develop students’ knowledge in business management and fundamental skills, namely, communication in business, academic writing and research skills, the study of finance for managers, business operations, ways of organizing in a global context and team managing and leading skills.

Year 2

Developing theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the management of human resources, understanding the principles and concepts of business strategy, management accounting and decision making, marketing for managers, understanding business start-up and conception to market, improving business law skills.

Year 3

On this course you will study modules focused on leadership and people management, you will analyze strategic human resource management, develop financial decision-making skills, learn how to run a sustainable business, enhance operations management skills and grow your business research skills which is expected from each manager at the business-related jobs.


Full-time education

Year 1
Semester 1
1) Academic Writing and Research Skills (20 credits)
2) Business Operations (20 credits)
3) Communication in Business (20 credits)

Semester 2
4) Finance and Accounting (20 credits)
5) Leading and Managing Teams (20 credits)
6) Operating in a Global Context (20 credits)

Year 2
Semester 3
1) The Management of Human Resources (20 credits)
2) Business Law for Managers (20 credits)
3) Marketing for Managers (20 credits)

Semester 4
4) Principles and Concepts of Strategy (20 credits)
5) Management Accounting and Decision Making (20 credits)
6) Business Start-up; Conception to market (20 credits)

Year 3
Semester 5
1) Operations Management (20 credits)
2) Financial Decision Making (20 credits)
3) Strategic Human Resource Management (20 credits)

Semester 6
4) Leadership and People Management (20 credits)
5) Business Research Project (20 credits)
6) Sustainable Business Practices (20 credits)

All credits are listed under the UK education system. Depending on the language of instruction, there may be slight differences in the Curriculum. At the same time, the University has the right to make some changes and additions to the Curriculum.



Rasulev Dilmurod Mirza-Akhmedovich,
Professor of the Department of Business Management
Doctor of Economics degree (DSc) – Tashkent State University of Economics, 2004

Gulnora Mannapovna Makhmudova,
Associate Professor of “Business Management” Department
Degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences (PhD) – Institute of Economics at the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, 1990

Gerson Lapid Jr,
Lecturer at the Business Management Department,
Director of the International Foundation Program
Master’s Degree in Education and Innovation – Webster University in Tashkent, 2023

Yulduzkhon Abdullaeva
Lecturer at the Business Management Department,
Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree – University of Sunderland (UK), 2018


For the school year

*) International students on the territory of Uzbekistan pay tuition fees in US dollars, at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of payment. Outside Uzbekistan, the payment is made in US dollars, in the specified amount.


Admission to the first year of study

Necessary documents:

  • Certificate of completion of general secondary school (11th grade)
    or lyceum/college diploma (with a transcript)
  • A 3×4 photo on a white background

Academic requirements:

Successful completion of the internal exam on:

  • Math;
  • English language proficiency or submission of an English language certificate
    (IELTS 5.0 or above or equivalent)

Admission to the second year of the program taught in English:

Necessary documents:

  • Document proving 12 years (9 + 3) of education (certificate/diploma with attachment) OR International Foundation Program (IFP) certificate OR a document proving completion of the first year of studies at a local/foreign university
  • Copy of passport / ID-card
  • A 5×5 photo on a white background

Academic requirements:

Successful completion of the internal exam on:

  • Math;
  • English language proficiency or submission of an English language certificate (IELTS 5.5 or above or equivalent)

To study in TIUE programmes, all applicants must submit an ONLINE APPLICATION ONLY THROUGH THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE UNIVERSITY (www.tiue.uz)

Do you want to gain complete business competencies, extend your business practices with leadership skills and start your business project or career in a well-known company while working on your personal development? Then apply for training in the “Business Management” programme.