Undergraduate Programme



The goal of the Information Technology programme, through the training provided, is to ensure that students gain a broad base of knowledge and skills in the field of Information Technology, and to lay the foundation for a career in various positions in the IT industry.

The program will provide students with the necessary technical and practical IT skills, an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts and principles of information technology, the study of algorithms, software development strategies, computer system architecture, networking and other fundamental aspects necessary for effective work in the IT field. Also, students will develop their skills and abilities to create presentation materials, written and oral communication, learn to work effectively in a group on projects, interact with team members, and successfully present their ideas and solutions.

Upon graduation, a Bachelor’s degree in “Information Technology” (TIUE) is awarded by TIUE. Students studying in English also receive a Bachelor’s degree in “Information Technology” from OTHM (UK).

The structure of the qualification consists of
24 compulsory modules totaling 480 credits towards the qualification.

Duration of training for full-time education 3 academic years (from October to June). Training is conducted during the daytime in the form of lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical classes, master classes and industrial practice.

Language of instruction: ENGLISH / UZBEK / RUSSIAN

Modes of study: Full-time classes: Monday through Saturday during the day




The IT field is constantly evolving and changing, opening up new horizons and challenges. The high demand for qualified professionals in this field in the labor market confirms the importance and perspective of their role in the modern world. To achieve recognition and success in IT, the university offers learning new techniques, understanding current trends and implementing best practices that have become an important factor for a student’s professional growth.

Being part of this dynamic field, students learn the latest technologies, encounter innovation and participate in the creation of future technologies, so a wide range of career opportunities are available to IT graduates.


During their studies, students develop innovative thinking that allows them to realize unconventional ideas using smart technologies. The training profile will enable graduates to manage projects in international and local companies in very different fields, from industry to banking.

Evolving technologies, concepts and ideas are bringing changes to our daily life and business environment. This means there are always opportunities for career growth and advancement as IT professionals are constantly learning and adapting to new challenges.

Possible employment specialties:

  • Software Developer (web development, mobile development or database development).
  • System administrator (installation, configuration and maintenance of computer systems and networks, ensuring security, reliability and efficiency of systems, solving problems related to hardware and software).
  • Data Analyst (examine large amounts of data, analyze and identify important trends, patterns and information that helps in decision making).
  • Information security (protecting computer systems and data from cyberattacks and unauthorized access, developing a security strategy, monitoring threats and installing protection measures).
  • Internet Marketer (Internet marketing, promoting products and services in the online environment, implementing marketing strategies, optimizing websites for search engines, managing advertising campaigns and analyzing data to determine the effectiveness of marketing efforts).
  • IT teacher (teaching and training students in theory, methodology, system approach and practical activities in the field of informatics, digital technologies, processing of any kind of information).

These are just some of the possible career paths in information technology. Information technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, profoundly impacting business, education, communications and other aspects of our existence. The sector is constantly evolving and new career opportunities are always emerging.


Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, graduates will have the appropriate professional training, and a dual degree(English-only) will give them a competitive advantage in their future careers and allow them to continue their studies in any country in the world.

In accordance with Article 31 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education”, diplomas issued to graduates of licensed non-state higher education institutions(https://lex.uz/ru/docs/5013009, https://tiue.uz/ru, https://stat.edu.uz/Univer-list.php paragraph 8) are recognized in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan on an equal footing with diplomas of state higher education institutions.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a TIUE Bachelor’s Diploma and OTHM level diplomas(English only) in the field of “Information Technology”.


Due to society’s ever-increasing dependence on technology, the demand for IT professionals is steadily increasing, providing the opportunity for high-paying jobs and a stable income – IT professionals are ahead of the rest of the field. As you gain experience and knowledge, the earning potential will only increase.


OTHM is a UK organization awarding educational qualifications regulated by Ofqual (Office for the Regulation of Qualifications and Examinations (UK)). OTHM has a network of numerous centers and universities around the world to provide UK qualifications in a variety of areas.
TIUE has a formal agreement with OTHM to provide education enhanced by UK qualifications that are recognized worldwide. TIUE offers a special programme for this undergraduate major, giving you the opportunity to receive an education of British standards and an OTHM diploma for each level successfully completed.
Information about OTHM is available at https://othm.org.uk/
Information on available OTHM qualifications is available at this link https://othm.org.uk/qualification

By studying in this programme, you will receive:

  • A diploma from OTHM for each year of the programme, giving you more mobility to continue your studies at universities around the world;
  • You will have an excellent opportunity to pursue a Masters or MBA at many top universities in the UK and abroad;
  • Academic programs and curricula provided by OTHM;
  • The training process and examinations are monitored by OTHM.

The language of instruction is English, the diploma of higher education is issued by OTHM (UK) and TIUE.


All TIUE faculty members are passionate about their subject and want to pass that on to their students. For our professors and instructors, nothing is more exciting than teaching students who are ready to dive into the unknown with them. Passionate and dedicated teachers are ready to give inquisitive students the skills, confidence and knowledge they need for the future. Our faculty members are real experts and practitioners with extensive experience in companies and with vast experience in academic research.

Our faculty members strive to not only teach students the skills they need for their first job, but to prepare them for any path, any future, and any challenge.

Elvira Rashidovna Tajikhodjaeva,
head of department
“Information Technology.”
System Engineer, Tashkent State Technical University named after А. R. Beruni, 1996.



There are modules focused on providing basic concepts of object-oriented programming, ways of creating effective code, development of students’ skills of analysis and design in the organizational context, understanding of modern technologies and practice of using modern IT tools, study of computer networking technologies, protocols, security, standards, fundamental programming concepts with a focus on the whole process of software development, including the environment in which the software is developed.


“YEAR 2” modules will provide students with a thorough understanding of the activities of a systems analyst and systems designer, the ability to apply modern methods of designing, implementing, maintaining and managing information systems for various purposes, acquire knowledge and skills in planning, configuring and managing networks (such as LAN, PAN, MAN, WAN), as well as network administration and network security skills, learn to develop and implement software and solve complex software problems.


“YEAR 3” modules will provide knowledge and skills to perform advanced data analysis, manage complex information systems, learn to develop and implement systems and/or processes that solve IT industry problems and/or improve existing systems, develop students’ critical understanding of current and modern concepts of networking technologies in the IT industry, e-commerce.


Full-time education

Year 1
Semester 1
1) Principles of Computer Programming (20 credits)
2) Cyber security (20 credits)
3) Systems Analysis and Design (20 credits)

Semester 2
4) Computer and Network Technology (20 credits)
5) Web and Mobile Applications (20 credits)
6) Managing Digital Information (20 credits)

Year 2
Semester 3
1) Database Systems (20 credits)
2) Network Information Systems (20 credits)
3) IT Project Management (20 credits)

Semester 4
4) Software Engineering (20 credits)
5) Advanced systems Analysis and Design (20 credits)
6) Management Information Systems (20 credits)

Year 3
Semester 5
1) Advanced Computer Networks (20 credits)
2) Management Information Systems (20 credits)
3) Advanced Data Analytics (20 credits)

Semester 6
4) Advanced Database Management Systems (20 credits)
5) Computers, Society and Law (20 credits)
6) Computing Protects (20 credits)

All credits are listed under the UK education system. Depending on the language of instruction, there may be slight differences in the Curriculum. At the same time, the University has the right to make some changes and additions to the Curriculum.



Sultanov Ruslan Rustamovich 
Professor of the Department of Information Technologies,
Degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences (DSc) – Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, 2022.

Sadritdinova Zulfiya Israilovna,
Associate Professor of the Department of Information Technology,
Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Tashkent State University, 1994.

Akhmedova Iroda Nurmukhamedovna 
Lecturer of the Department of Information Technologies
Applied Mathematics, Tashkent State University, 1994

Ruziev Ulugbek Shukhratovich
Lecturer, Department of Information Technologies
Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Informatics – National University of Uzbekistan named after I.M. Gubkin. Mirzo Ulugbek, 2019.


For the school year

*) International students on the territory of Uzbekistan pay tuition fees in US dollars, at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of payment. Outside Uzbekistan, the payment is made in US dollars, in the specified amount.


Admission to the first year of study

Necessary documents:

  • Certificate of completion of general secondary school (11th grade) or lyceum/college diploma (with a transcript)
  • A 3×4 photo on a white background

Academic Requirements:

Successful completion of the internal exam on:


English language proficiency or submission of an English language certificate (IELTS 5.0 or above or equivalent)

Admission to the "Year 1" of the programme taught in English:

Necessary documents:

  • Document proving 12 years (9 + 3) of education (certificate/diploma with attachment) OR International Foundation Programme (IFP) certificate OR a document proving completion of the first year of studies at a local/foreign university
  • Copy of passport / ID-card
  • A 5×5 photo on a white background

Academic Requirements

Successful completion of the internal exam on:


English language proficiency or submission of an English language certificate (IELTS 5.5 or above or equivalent)

To study in TIUE programmes, all applicants must submit an ONLINE APPLICATION ONLY THROUGH THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE UNIVERSITY (www.tiue.uz)

Join the “Information Technology” Programme and open the doors to a world of opportunity! Acquire skills that are in demand in today’s society. Become part of the innovators, leaders and creators of the future. Apply now and start your path to success in the IT industry!