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Education and Trainining Management is aimed at those who want to link their future with the field of education and pedagogy. The purpose of training under this program is the development of theoretical knowledge and the acquisition of practical skills in the field of management in education and the development of pedagogical competencies for the training of highly qualified specialists who will be able to carry out professional activities in a wide range of educational organizations.
The educational, methodological and scientific content of the bachelor’s degree program in the field of «Education and Trainining Management» includes various modules aimed at developing knowledge and skills in the field of analytics and expertise, planning and management of educational and educational processes, ensuring the effective operation of an educational organization.

The qualification structure consists of 25 mandatory modules with a total cost of 480 credits to qualify. The qualification is designed for three academic years of full-time study. The qualification is taught full-time in the form of lectures, workshops and seminars.



Through this program, TIUE seeks to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills applicable to the development of educational strategies needed to implement effective educational programs, plan instructional processes, and manage educational systems with inclusion and STEAM education in mind. This program is suitable for both those who are already current education professionals and those who aspire to become professional leaders in the field.


The strongest teaching staff, including both local and international specialists, who pay special attention to practical training – seminars, field classes, master classes – ensuring intensive interaction of all participants in the educational process and the transfer of valuable experience from practicing experts and professionals in the field of education.


Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, graduates will have the appropriate professional training, and a dual degree(English-only) will give them a competitive advantage in their future careers and allow them to continue their studies in any country in the world.

In accordance with Article 31 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education”, diplomas issued to graduates of licensed non-state higher education institutions(https://lex.uz/ru/docs/5013009, https://tiue.uz/ru, https://stat.edu.uz/Univer-list.php paragraph 8) are recognized in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan on an equal footing with diplomas of state higher education institutions.

Upon successful completion, students will receive the TIUE Bachelor’s Diploma and OTHM level diplomas(English only) in the field of “Education and Training Management”.


Education is a strategic sphere of the state activity and one of the dynamically developing sectors of the economy, as its main task is to train qualified specialists for further intensive development of the country. Graduates of the program will have the necessary knowledge for professional activity in both public and non-public sector of education of national and international level at different levels (preschool, school, higher, extracurricular, additional education, etc.). The knowledge and skills acquired will enable them to work in administrative positions in educational administration and as an effective practicing educator.

Possible employment specialties:

  • Methodist;
  • IT Teacher;
  • Superintendent of Instruction at the school;
  • Principal of a school or Education center;
  • Administrative officer in educational institutions;
  • Specialist in educational programme development;
  • A specialist in STEAM education and e-pedagogy.


OTHM is a UK organization awarding educational qualifications regulated by Ofqual (Office for the Regulation of Qualifications and Examinations (UK)). OTHM has a network of numerous centers and universities around the world to provide UK qualifications in a variety of areas.
TIUE has a formal agreement with OTHM to provide education enhanced by UK qualifications that are recognized worldwide. TIUE offers a special programme for this undergraduate major, giving you the opportunity to receive an education of British standards and an OTHM diploma for each level successfully completed.
Information about OTHM is available at https://othm.org.uk/
Information on available OTHM qualifications is available at this link https://othm.org.uk/qualification

By studying in this programme, you will receive:

  • A diploma from OTHM for each year of the programme, giving you more mobility to continue your studies at universities around the world;
  • You will have an excellent opportunity to pursue a Master’s programme or MBA at many top universities in the UK and abroad;
  • Academic programs and curricula provided by OTHM;
  • The training process and examinations are monitored by OTHM.

The language of study is English, the diploma of higher education is issued by OTHM (UK) and TIUE.


Year 1

Acquire fundamental knowledge of pedagogy, theories of cognition and psychology, and master basic skills in academic writing and research, as well as educational analytics. Study of the basics of functioning of national and foreign educational systems, peculiarities of Uzbekistan’s integration into the world educational space, possibilities of introducing advanced foreign experience into management processes in the field of education.

Year 2

Development of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in psychology of education, methodology of educational research, practice of assessment of knowledge and skills of students, system thinking, application of modern pedagogical technologies in teaching practice, familiarization with the basics of management activity in education. It is also provided for practical training to acquire basic skills of management and pedagogical activity in an educational institution.

Year 3

Improvement of acquired knowledge and skills with in-depth study of pedagogical management, strategies and approaches to knowledge assessment, development of teaching materials, ensuring inclusive educational environment, application of multimedia technologies, possibilities of electronic pedagogy, as well as methodology of modern STEAM-education. Internships are provided for the development of educational management and teaching skills.

The University has the right to make changes and additions to the Curriculum. The curriculum may vary depending on the language of instruction. There is no distance learning (Part-time) option for this Program.


Admission to the Foundation Year

Required Documents:

  • General secondary school leaving certificate (11th grade) or lyceum/college diploma (with a transcript)
  • 3×4 photo on a white background

Academic Requirements:

Successful completion of the internal exam on:


language proficiency in the chosen language of instruction (Uzbek or Russian or English or IELTS 5.0 and above OR equivalent)

Admission to the Year 1 of BSc programme taught in English:

Required Documents:

  • Document proving 12 years (9 + 3) of education (certificate/diploma with attachment) OR International Foundation Program (IFP) certificate OR a document proving completion of the first year of studies at a local/foreign university
  • Copy of passport / ID-card
  • 5×5 photo on a white background

Academic Requirements

Successful completion of the internal exam on:


language proficiency in the chosen language of instruction (Uzbek or Russian or English or IELTS 5.5 and above OR equivalent)

For TIUE programs, all applicants must apply ONLINE ONLY through the UNIVERSITY’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE (www.tiue.uz)



Bekbaev Rauf Rustamovich
Head of the Department of Education and Training Management
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree – National University named after Mirzo Ulugbek, 2023

Saidova Kamola Uskanbaevna,
Professor of the Department of Education and Training Management
Doctor of Science (DSc) Degree – National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek , 2022

Mamajonova Shakhzodakhon
Yokubzhon qizi
Lecturer of the Department of Education and Training Management
Master’s Degree in Psychology – National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, 2022

Rufina Arturovna Davydova,
Lecturer of the Department of Education and Training Management
Master’s Degree in Philosophy – National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek, 2023

For the school year


*) International students on the territory of Uzbekistan pay tuition fees in US dollars, at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of payment. Outside Uzbekistan, the payment is made in US dollars, in the specified amount.

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