The scientific-practical conference on modern methods and innovative technologies in education takes place at TIUE

Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) hosted a scientific-practical conference on “Modern methods and innovation technologies in education: Present status, important questions and challenges” on 25 May.

The conference brought together students, experts, practitioners, and researchers in the field of education who shared their scientific achievements, experience, and best practices. The conference provided participants with a platform for exchanging experiences and discussing key trends and challenges faced by modern educational institutions.

Participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest methods and innovative approaches used in education, as well as to discuss and identify current issues and challenges faced by modern educational institutions. The conference consisted of three sections covering various aspects of modern education.

During the section on “Modern Education and Pedagogy: Trends, Issues, and Development Prospects,” participants discussed relevant issues related to the development of modern pedagogical practices and analyzed the prospects for the development of the educational system.

In the section on “Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Education,” participants discussed and analyzed the role and impact of modern information and communication technologies on the teaching and learning process and the development of the educational environment.

The section on “Digital Learning or Digital University as a New Approach to Education Organization and Management” explored the latest approaches to digital learning and examined the role of the digital university in modern education organization and management.

Speakers at the conference were awarded certificates by Tashkent International University of Education.