Olympiad winners were duly awarded!

20% and 30% grants and souvenirs of the university to 22 students in order to encourage the participants who showed high results in the TIUE rector’s Olympiad;
100% educational grant and laptop for the 1st place winner of the Olympiad, 75% educational grant and tablet for the 2nd place winner and 50% education for the 3rd place winner lim grant and mobile phone were presented by the university as an award.

Also, all participants who participated in the Olympiad and scored 50 points and above were given the opportunity to enter the university without an exam.
“TASHKENT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION” international university wishes all participants good luck in their studies and work so that they can become mature specialists of their chosen profession in the future, as well as to the Preschool and School Education Department of Tashkent city and all school leaders in guiding young people to the profession and thank you for your cooperation in supporting gifted students!