MEMORANDUM ON COOPERATION in the field of training.

TASHKENT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION” International University and Tashkent City Department of Preschool and School Education signed a MEMORANDUM OF COOPERATION in the field of personnel training.
Within the framework of cooperation to support the formation of a new generation of strategically thinking potential personnel with high professional knowledge and skills, creativity, initiative and independent decision-making ability, the following activities are planned to be implemented :
✔️ improving the qualifications and professional skills of teachers of informatics and information technology, vocational education of general education schools;
✔️ Establish collaboration with specially certified teachers by participating in professional development courses organized at TIUE International University as local university coordinators;
✔️ organization of preparatory courses for the international university TIUE in general education schools;
✔️ organizing seminars and trainings at TIUE International University for final year students of secondary schools;
✔️ to attach the graduates of TIUE International University to experienced cadres of teachers of the school on the basis of “apprenticeship principles” and thus contribute to covering the need for teaching staff in educational institutions;
✔️другие questions.