DevOps engineer of US firm holds a meeting with TIUE students

A DevOps engineer of the Massachusetts-based company Volt Active Data Khurshid Shaimardanov (PhD) held a meeting (open dialogue) with freshmen students of the Information Technology direction of the Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE).

During the meeting, Khurshid Shaimardanov gave a motivational lecture about modern specialties in the IT field, new technologies and knowledge.

The speaker told future IT professionals how to navigate the IT industry and how to succeed as a developer-engineer, data analyst or system administrator, or in the field of artificial intelligence implementation.

Students received answers to their questions. They were mainly interested in what skills IT-specilists need to have for a successful career in the world’s leading IT companies, how to succeed in a career in remote work, and even how to start your own company.

Khurshid Shaimardanov explained from his own experience how important it is to be ready for any changes in work in the field of information technology, to study and develop the knowledge and skills that will be needed in your work as a DevOps engineer or developer in a timely and in-depth manner.

According to Khurshid Shaimardanov, it is important to know English not only to gain modern knowledge, but also to find a decent job in leading IT companies in the future.