Undergraduate Program


Nurturing future business leaders

Business Management program is designed to prepare graduates for managing and running a business. The goal of this program is to develop confident, independent decision-making, professionals who understand business development and management, as well as have the skills to quickly adapt to the changes of the leaders of the future.

The qualification is ideal for those who have started or plan to start a career in the private or public sector. Successful completion of the Business Management program will provide students with the opportunity to continue their studies in an undergraduate program or to upgrade their qualifications for future employment.

This program is suitable for future and current executives, responsible and disciplined individuals who wish to pursue a career in education. 

Why Study Here?

Career Opportunities

One reason why you should choose to study business management is the wide range of career opportunities available to you. A degree in business administration offers great flexibility and could be the pathway into fields such as finance, accounting, management, human resources, marketing, and more. In addition, you can begin teaching a class in business administration. All of these opportunities, along with using your networking skills and additional certifications and courses, can lead to further career growth.


In the highly competitive business world, strong leaders are always in demand. One of the many skills you will acquire while studying business management is leadership. Motivating others to contribute to the progress of a business or organization is critical to success. With a degree, you will be able to communicate effectively, apply critical thinking to analyze and solve various business problems, relate global and financial issues to modern business, and much more.

Communication Skills

The leadership skills mentioned above go hand in hand together with communication skills. If you are a good leader, you are also someone who communicates effectively. The communication skills you will acquire through a business management degree include active listening, assertiveness, considering different points of view, using positive language, and so on. You will know how to communicate when presenting products or conducting negotiations, for example. In addition, you will be able to communicate effectively within your organisation with your members and employees.

Networking Skills

Another reason to study business management is the benefit of gaining a set of additional skills – networking skills. Networking in business means interacting with other business people and mutually benefiting from them.

When you study business management , you learn about the types of networking, how to use them, and how to benefit from them. So when you find yourself in a lecture, conference or seminar, you will know how to act. By planning and implementing various networking strategies, you will set your business up for great success.

Increased employability

With a degree in business management, you’ll have a wide range of career options, and that’s one of the most important reasons why you should pursue a degree in this field. In business management, you will learn all the basics of business administration so that you can work in a variety of fields, including management, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, and customer relations.

You can also further enhance your employability by pursuing a master’s degree or other degrees and programs. Or you can even start your own business.


Studying business management not only gives you the opportunity to choose between different jobs, but also provides you with the knowledge and skills to start your own business.

Skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, effective communication, identifying potential business opportunities, knowledge of finance, management, marketing, and more all contribute to starting your own business.


In today’s business world, one of the most successful qualities a business person can have is to be creative. With a degree in business management , you will have the opportunity to be creative in your workplace. In addition, a degree in business administration will enable you to plan, design, and start a new business.

Entry Requirements

Admission for the first year

Required documents:

  • Certificate of graduation of General Secondary School (11th class) or Lyceum/College diploma (with supplement)
  • 5×5 photo with white background

Academic requirements:

  • The mark of Mathematics/Algebra in the certificate/diploma must be 4 or higher;
  • Successful pass of an internal exam on language assessment;

– Uzbek or Russian;

– English or IELTS 5.0 certificate or higher OR equivalent

Admission for the second year for the English-taught program:

Required documents:

  • Document confirming 12 years (9 + 3) of education (certcertificate/diploma with supplement) OR International Foundation Program Certificate OR document of completion of 1st year of a local / foreign university
  • Copy of passport / ID card
  • 5×5 photo with white background

Academic requirements

  • The mark of Mathematics/Algebra in the certificate/diploma must be 4 or higher;
  • Successful pass of an internal exam on language assessment;

– Uzbek or Russian;

– English or IELTS 5.5  certificate or higher OR equivalent

Tuition Fee

Local Students / Uzbek & Russian
18 million soums
Local Students / English
25 million soums
Correspondence program in Uzbek/Russian
14 million soums
International Students / Uzbek & Russian
International Students / English

If you want to be a leader who changes the world for the better, apply to our Business Administration program.