On 3 October, the Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) hosted the opening ceremony of the Beeline Academy, which will help train IT specialists for various sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan.

Beeline Academy will provide young citizens of Uzbekistan with access to both online learning and a distance learning platform. Particular attention will be paid to the training of cybersecurity specialists who will ensure reliable protection of the data of private and government organizations from potential threats.

At the first stage, Beeline Uzbekistan invested US$150,000 in a project whose goal is to promote IT professions and attract youth of Uzbekistan to industries directly involved in the digitalization of the country’s economy. Cooperation with the university opens up new horizons and makes it possible to create a system platform for training IT specialists.

TIUE is one of the private universities in Uzbekistan, which trains highly qualified specialists with higher education for the needs of the real sector of the economy of Uzbekistan in the field of information technology, education and business management. In partnership with Beeline Academy, it is also planned to train teachers to conduct courses and trainings for young talents throughout the country.

“The education sector does not always keep up with the needs of the labor market and the emergence of new technologies. Therefore, the participation of large businesses with experience in implementing digital projects and extensive expertise in the IT field is very important. We are grateful to Beeline Uzbekistan for creating such an ambitious project on the basis of our university. I am confident that Beeline Academy graduates will join the ranks of the most successful and sought-after professionals in the field of information technology,” shared Nosir Khojaev, rector of TIUE.

“Quality education of young people and the creation of a corporate culture in the field of digital technologies are important tasks of the company in the process of transformation into a digital operator. Our goal is to become a leader in EduTech as well. The launch of Beeline Academy is a key step in this direction. The new educational platform will provide training opportunities for young talent, allowing them to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the field of IT, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. We will also actively search for and identify the most gifted students among students for further cooperation,” said Andrzej Malinowski, CEO of Beeline Uzbekistan.

An important aspect of the Beeline Academy project, in addition to preparing and equipping classrooms, is the creation of its own interactive video studio, which will become an integral part of the educational process. Within the studio, students and teachers will have access to modern technologies, which will help in improving distance learning, developing virtual video lessons, conducting webinars and video conferencing, as well as creating high-quality video content in order to make the educational process more accessible and interactive.

On the opening day, Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of VEON Group, which includes Beeline Uzbekistan, addressed Beeline Academy students live.

“From the very beginning, when we talked about our ambitions in Uzbekistan, we had one main goal – to make Uzbekistan an IT center in this region. Developing talent in this area will help the country integrate into the global digital economy. I am proud to be part of this process. Your task in the future will be to process data, create software, and effectively implement artificial intelligence. I wish you a fantastic experience and want Beeline Academy to become part of the legacy that we are creating in Uzbekistan,” said VEON Group CEO Kaan Terzioglu.

The Beeline Academy project will increase students’ access to modern, hands-on training programs along with lessons within the university’s information technology curriculum.