TIUE and IT Investments Center are joining forces to help young people to make money through international freelance platforms

Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) and IT Investments Center will collaborate to develop information technology and provide educational opportunities for youth to earn on international freelance platforms.

The partnership was formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Nosir Khodjaev, the Rector of Tashkent International University of Education, and Abduali Khaidarov, the CEO of IT Investments Center.

According to the provisions of this document, the parties intend to utilize the potential of information technology to equip students with the necessary skills for freelance work and create conditions for their earnings. This initiative is aimed not only at strengthening the position of youth but also at improving their employment prospects, contributing to the development of IT service exports.

TIUE and IT Investments Center will attract freelancers to train students. The goal of both parties is to provide students with the relevant knowledge and skills required for successful work in the digital economy.

The emphasis will be on practical training, granting students access to modern technologies and innovative platforms that will enable them to master contemporary tools and methods for working on international freelance platforms.

This partnership opens up new opportunities for the youth of Uzbekistan, providing them with the opportunity for education and earning in the field of information technology. The youth will be able to develop their skills, gain practical experience, and apply them in the global freelance service markets. Such collaboration contributes to the strengthening of the digital economy and enhances the competitiveness of Uzbekistan in the global IT industry.