The nationwide project “Yashil Makon” has been launched

At the initiative of our esteemed President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a nationwide project “Yashil Makon” was launched, aimed at preserving natural resources and ensuring ecological diversity throughout our country.

Planting a tree is a noble act, and therefore planting seedlings and creating a green garden have been considered one of the noble values of our people since ancient times.

Within the framework of this campaign, the project of the week “Yashil Makon” starts on the territory of the University from October 27 to 31 this year, within which it is planned to make landscaping of the territory and plant seedlings of various ornamental trees and shrubs.

We urge our students and University staff to join this movement, because every tree planted will be of great benefit to the preservation of the environment, and years later the next generation will be grateful for the green and blooming gardens we have created!