Students of TIUE pay visit to Tashkent school

As part of the program for organizing practical work, the Tashkent International University of Education organized a visit of the freshmen students in the direction of “Management of education and educational processes” to school No. 110 in Mirabad district of Tashkent.

Students attended the lessons of highly qualified teachers in different classes of primary and secondary schools. During the lessons, teachers shared their experience in using pedagogical methods and innovative technologies, the widespread use of which was facilitated by the excellent technical equipment of the school. The students were very impressed and inspired by watching the process of organizing and conducting the lessons. Everyone got attention.

All students were assigned teachers who answered all the questions of interest to students. This excursion helped students to realize even more deeply the most important role of a modern teacher in our time.

TIUE expresses special gratitude to the leadership of school No. 110 for the high-quality organization of demonstration classes, professional management and hospitality!