Dear full-time students

🔰 All students must take part in exams at the time specified in the exam schedule.

🔰 During the exams, students are required to strictly follow the rules of discipline and order. Before taking the exam, students are required to present their identity document (student ID card).

🔰 Below we mention the instructions for passing written exams.

‼️ Before the exam:
✅ Arrive at the auditorium 20 minutes before the start of the exam. In case of lateness, the student will not be admitted to the exam;
✅Providing an original copy of the student ID card or Passport confirming identity;
✅ Bring a pen, pencil and calculator to the math exam (if allowed by the rules);
✅ It is allowed to bring water (0.5 liters);
Carefully check the auditorium number and seat number assigned to each student;
✅ Before entering the exam hall, students must be ready to be checked for the presence of mats or items that are not allowed to be used during the exam;
✅After being allowed to enter the auditorium, students must take their seats and wait for further instructions from the invigilators (representatives in charge of the university) and not touch the question paper before the exams begin.
✅ Go to the toilet before entering the auditorium

⛔️ It is strictly forbidden to bring with you:

🔴 Phone/smart watch, gadgets or bag. If there is, you must leave the items on the list in the audience.
🔴 Sheets, notebooks or other foreign objects, if not specified in the instructions.
🔴 During the exam:
🔴 Communication with students is prohibited;
Carefully fill in your information on the exam answer sheet displayed on the student’s desk and check everything by passport and/or ID card and index-number.
🔴 During the exam, it is forbidden to communicate with students, look around, talk or disturb others, violate the rules of discipline and order.
🔴 If you have any questions, raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to you.
When the exam time is over, stop writing and hand in the work to the invigilator as required by the instructions.
🔴 During the exam, if the student has not submitted the work, it is forbidden to leave the auditorium

📞 If you have additional questions, you can contact the Department of Work with Students (room 113) or the Examination Department (room 102).