About our university

Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) was founded in 2020 in Tashkent City. The university marked its establishment as among the initial private international universities with a distinct emphasis on cultivating adept professionals in information technology, business management, and education.

TIUE collaborates with esteemed universities ranked among the top 600 globally, fostering valuable partnerships in higher education.

TIUE aims to cultivate an experiential learning environment where all participants in the educational journey can engage in exploration, propose innovative ideas, and develop contemporary skills and knowledge, fostering creativity and initiative to drive innovation, research, and entrepreneurship forward. Graduates from our institution will emerge as innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and scholars. Our faculty, comprised of both local and international experts, delivers comprehensive and high-quality education.

The university offers a diverse range of educational programs conducted in English, Uzbek, and Russian languages, available on both full-time and part-time bases. TIUE has established optimal conditions for acquiring top-tier education in information technology, education, and business management. Through the adoption and integration of advanced teaching methodologies, our university continually ensures students receive ongoing educational support, enhanced learning materials, and access to skilled educators for effective knowledge and skill transfer.

Our faculty members are deeply passionate about their disciplines and are committed to imparting knowledge and experiences to students. They find great fulfillment in guiding curious learners who are eager to explore uncharted territories alongside them. Dedicated teachers are devoted to equipping students with the requisite skills, qualifications, and knowledge to thrive in their future careers. These instructors are not only experts in their fields but also bring extensive practical experience from both corporate and research backgrounds.

Our professors and teachers aspire not only to equip students with the skills necessary for their initial employment but also to prepare them for diverse career paths and future challenges. The university boasts a robust infrastructure, including its own campus, to deliver education at an international standard. Through collaboration with domestic and international higher education institutions and the expansion of research initiatives, TIUE empowers students to showcase their abilities, realize their potential, and emerge as tomorrow’s leaders. This facilitates the acquisition of essential skills and knowledge for future employment and career advancement.

Presently, the university offers the International Foundation Programmme (International General Education Programme) and undergraduate programmes in Information Technology, Business Management, and Education Management and Educational Processes in three languages English, Uzbek, and Russian.

  • Three-year programme available in Uzbek and Russian, granting a local diploma from TIUE University.
  • Four-year programme offered in English, resulting in a local diploma from TIUE and an international diploma from OTHM (UK).

TIUE collaborates with prestigious qualification organizations and educational institutions such as OTHM Qualifications (UK), University of Portsmouth (UK), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), INTI International University (Malaysia), Inha University in Tashkent (IUT), Dongshin University (Republic of Korea), MDIS Singapore, Amity University (Uzbekistan), and others.

The OTHM qualification is accredited and regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in the UK and acknowledged by Qualifications Wales. Holding an OTHM diploma opens doors for further studies at various universities in the UK, facilitating enrollment in relevant undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Educational programsEducational programs

Educational Offerings

TIUE provides a range of educational programmes available in English, Uzbek, and Russian, catering to both full-time and part-time students. Our offerings include:

International Foundation Program (IFP)

Information technology

Business management

Management of education and learning processes

Collaborative PartnershipsCollaborative Partnerships

TIUE has forged partnerships with several prestigious universities worldwide, all ranked within the top 600. These include:

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) (Malaysia)

University of Portsmouth (UK)

INTI International University (Malaysia)

Inha University in Tashkent (IUT)

Distinguished Faculty Distinguished Faculty

The teaching staff at TIUE comprises exceptionally qualified individuals within their respective fields. They are esteemed experts and practitioners with extensive professional backgrounds in both corporate settings and scientific research. Our faculty members are dedicated not only to imparting the skills necessary for students’ initial employment but also to preparing them for diverse career trajectories, future challenges, and opportunities.


Life at the UniversityLife at the University

Campus Life

Life at university is a unique period full of opportunities and unforgettable experiences. It is a time when students have the opportunity to not only receive a quality academic education, but also to broaden their horizons, develop leadership skills, and make valuable connections with their peers.

Our University offers a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and communities in which students can participate. These include the student union, various academic clubs, sports teams, theater groups, music groups, and more.

We often host a variety of events such as conferences, seminars, festivals, sporting events and charity events. This provides our students with an opportunity not only to have fun and relax, but also to showcase their talents, share knowledge and contribute to society.