Master class on “Language is the soul of the people”

On 19 October, poet and translator, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Gulnara Mansurova held a master class on the topic “Language is the soul of the people”, dedicated to ?? The day of celebration of the Uzbek language at the Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE).

The master class was attended by students of various faculties of the university. Professor G.H.Mansurova noted that language is an integral part of the history and spiritual culture of the people, it absorbs its centuries–old experience and every word in it is a grain of pure gold. Celebrating the Day of the Uzbek Language, we pay tribute to many generations of our ancestors. Preserving the richness of the language and passing it on to the next generation redefines the development of the whole country, because the language unites, educates and teaches young people.

During the master class, students took an active part in the discussion, expressed their opinions, asked questions and received answers to them. It is also important that this master class is of great importance for all students, regardless of the direction of study. The acquired knowledge and skills will find their application both in everyday, educational, and in further professional activities.