Congratulations of the rector of TIUE on the 33rd anniversary of giving the Uzbek language the status of the state language

Hello, dear compatriots!

Dear mentors!

Dear students!

Let me sincerely congratulate you on October 21 – the Uzbek language holiday, on the 33rd anniversary of giving the Uzbek language the status of the state language.

The language is the greatest wealth of the nation, its priceless treasure. Since the native language absorbs the entire spiritual and cultural life of the people, preserves the wisdom of the ancestors, is a scientific and creative heritage. All the goodness of the world lies in the lullaby that our mother sings to us in our native language. The ideas of national independence, pride in their country, are also inextricably linked with their native language. Therefore, every nation striving to preserve its identity considers it a sacred duty to develop, protect and pass on to the younger generation the treasury of its native language.

As the head of our state noted, each of us should perceive respect for the state language as respect for our independence, as a symbol of love for our Motherland.

Because the native language is the spirit of our nation, a reflection of our history, the basis of our spirituality. In this regard, close attention and care for the native language, respect for the Uzbek language is a sacred duty and obligation of every citizen of our country!

Information technologies play an important role in the development of the Uzbek language in modern conditions of globalization. In the information age, it is very convenient to study and teach the Uzbek language using modern information and communication technologies. We hope that the projects carried out in this area, software products developed by the staff of our university, will contribute to the wide popularity and comprehensive study of the Uzbek language not only in Uzbekistan, but also outside our country.

Dear colleagues and students!

Taking this opportunity, I once again cordially congratulate you all on the Uzbek language holiday!

Rector Nosir Khodjaev