University Life


Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) regularly organizes various educational, motivational, entertainment and other events for students.

Some events, organized in the university, are open only for our students, while some of them can be attended by the public. 

Student Activities

Students of Tashkent International University of Education (TIUE) are engaged in various extra-curricular activities during the academic year such as sport tournaments, master-classes, guest lectures, field trips, etc.

Social Life

In today’s society, academic qualifications obtained from university is important. It is also important to socialize and meet new friends during the university.


There are many options to travel in the campus.

It takes 15 minutes to take to reach the university from metro station “Bekat-3” and is located near school #255. 

You can reach the university using the following bus services:

Bus: № 30, 44, 95, 106, 110, 148

Microbus: № 47, 91, 106, 111, 369

Metro: Bekat-3


More than 50 parking lots are available in the campus of Tashkent International University of Education. The parking is available 24 hours. The parking lots are under 24-hour camera surveillance

The Campus Experience

Tashkent International University of Education (TIUT) was founded in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, in 2020. The university offers various educational programs in English, Uzbek and Russian languages. Tashkent International University of Education cooperates with the leading universities, which ranked in Top-600 leading higher education institutions in the world.

Dining On Campus

The university cafeteria is located on the first floor of the TIUE campus. The cafeteria becomes a very busy place during lunchtime.


The university has an outdoor sports complex, where students can play various sports, including football and basketball.


TIUE offers accommodation to students. However, the number of available rooms is limited.

Information Technology

The University has several modern computer labs, which students can use during the classes or after classes.

Safety and Security

The University’s security team is available to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the whole year, at the campus.

Health & Wellness

The health of students is important for Tashkent International University of Education. Taking into account this, the university has a Medical Center.