Foundation Program

International Foundation Program#

Level 3 International Foundation Diploma program

This International Education Training Program provides students with a foundation course for admission to undergraduate programs at TIUE University and TIUE partner universities, including the United Kingdom (for programs in English).

The program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills in education, mathematics, computer skills, society and culture, business and accounting, providing the material to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to quickly adapt to change and progress in their studies.

Successful completion of the Level 3 International Foundation Diploma program gives students the opportunity for further study at the undergraduate level.

Why Study Here?

Skills and Knowledge

Foundation Degrees can help you advance in your chosen career. They provide you with a combination of technical skills, academic knowledge and other skills that are increasingly required by employers, such as communication and teamwork skills.

Recognised Higher Education qualification

A Foundation Degree is a recognized university degree in its own right.

The path to university

Successful Foundation Program graduates are also guaranteed a pathway to an honors degree at university if they wish to pursue this route.

Completion of the OTHM qualification satisfies the standard university academic entry requirements. However, each applicant will be subject to individual assessments and other entry requirements apply to each applicant and may affect admission to the University.

Please check this page for the university path:

Course Details

International Foundation Program

Duration: One academic year
Language: English
Study Mode: In campus

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Entry Requirements

Required documents:

Certificate of graduation of General Secondary School (11th class) or Lyceum/College diploma (with supplement) 

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Academic requirements:

• The mark of Mathematics/Algebra in the certificate/diploma must be 4 or higher;

• Successful pass of an internal exam on language assessment;

– English OR IELTS 5.0  certificate or higher OR equivalent