A training seminar from the insurance company “PERFECT INSURANCE” was held at TIUE University

On 14 December, a master class on the topic “Business Insurance” was organized at the Tashkent International University of Education for students in the areas of “Business Management” and “Information Technology”.

The master class was conducted by the Chief Manager of the “Insurance Claims Review Department” of the Insurance Organization “PERFECT INSURANCE” Joint Stock Company.

The seminar provided information on legislation and types of insurance related to insurance activities. Insurance procedures are described in detail. Business development indicators were highlighted on the table.

The students actively participated in the conversation with F.U. Nazarov. The questions that were asked from their side were answered with a detailed explanation. Students were interested in the following topics:

  • Voluntary auto insurance (CASCO)
  • Compulsory insurance (OSGOVTS)
  • Voluntary insurance of an additional pension..
  • Voluntary insurance of education expenses..
  • Voluntary insurance of marriage expenses..
  • Voluntary insurance of children..
  • Voluntary travel insurance..
  • Compulsory Employer Liability Insurance (OSGOR)..
  • What is the difference between the concepts of “Kafolat” and “Insurance” ..
  • From which funds the insurance company pays compensation to Insured Customers.